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4 years ago


mitchelle 3 months ago
Hello dear, I am Miss Mitchelle Crosby from Bakersfield California, Seeking to meet someone caring, loving and naughty to chat with on my free time. add me up on hangout ([email protected]) or facebook (Crosby Mitchelle Cisse) or TEXT ME +1520-848-3068.
a 4 months ago
Ana__YY 5 months ago

The orgasms I've gotten from this Oscillating G-spot toy are absolutely amazing! When I first heard about it I figured that, at best, it might be just be a little better than a vibrator. It's MUCH better. Even better than some of my lovers. It's can't top the best ones, to be sure, but those guys were the stuff of romance novels. With this... I've seriously considered turning down sex with my boyfriend to use this at home. A few times, it's even given me multiple orgasms. Few guys have ever done that!
Have you ever used it? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of it.
rogerrabbit69er 10 months ago
Baby girl

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