Asami Ogawa

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小川あさ美, A Ogawa
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    11 April, 1985
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    167 cm (5 ft 6 in)
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Asami truly has everything you could ask for in a girl. She has a beautiful face, long legs, and a slender, but curvy figure. It's no wonder that the small but growing collection of her work is consistently ranked as the most popular. Asami's fans don't like her . . . they LOVE her. Ready to fall in love, too? Asami is the epitome of a lady. She treats her men like gods, but isn't a slave. She is a princess, a model, and the perfect waitress or cabin attendant all rolled into one. That doesn't mean she is shy, it means she focuses on your pleasure first, in a very manner-of-fact way. Asami does the 'service industry' cosplay route in 'Max Cafe'. From nurse to race queen to waitress Asami services her customers, and she works for tips! The camera give Asami the full exposure in Risky Mosaic Debut. Watching her body gyrate in this one is an experience that is almost indescribable. But we would really like to fly the friendly (and horny) skies with Asami in 'PakoPako Flying CA'. The service on this airline is unbeatable!
20 June, 2017
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