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Io Asuka

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    10 December, 1987
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    164 cm (5 ft 5 in)
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Io innocent, so sweet, as pure as a just-blooming cherry blossom...are you believing this so far?! Io sure looks the part, but she is a down and dirty horn dog that will leave your tongue wagging. The girl-next-door cutesiness disappears once the bedroom door is closed. Get ready to get your world rocked by Io Asuka. Io is an everything girl. She does it all and can do it all. She is a shiofuki queen, and her geyser-like orgasms are quite an attraction. She is an incredibly attractive girl with a penchant for some pretty hardcore fun. We expect to see more of Io in the months to come. But there is already a healthy start to her collection to get you started. Io is still trying to carry the innocent look marketed in her debut, but we start to see the real Io Asuka in 'Ecstacy Shiofuki 50 Times Continuously'. It actually isn't continuous...there are other sex in between, but the main focus is her fountain of a pussy when she comes. Io's pale skin becomes a canvas in 'Beautiful Girl Bukkake Gangbang'. She goes far in this one, but if you aren't sure if high-level face spackling is your thing, this is a good video to see and find out. There are also group sex scenes and Io is gorgeous throughout. Most of 'Woman Teacher Chapter 2' is teacher Io Asuka's own fantasies in her head. These lead so some heavy sessions with students, one on a packed train, and is a sweet insight into a nymphomaniac's mind.
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