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Homo Vintage - The allies

Submitted by Brutus Brutus
4 years ago 19 257 51:48

11 January, 2014
Classic vid
31 December, 2013
Classic Falcon!
Perv Canuck
Perv Canuck
05 December, 2013
Once upone a time...
28 November, 2013
Vintage is so raunchy
19 November, 2013
Superb cocks, beautiful pubes and passionate action: Porn has come a long way downhill in 27 years...
28 October, 2013
Very hot vintage, one of the best I have seen. Thanks, Hank
10 July, 2013
Your reward for ignoring the washed out color, god awful music, and technical problems is some of the most powerful, energetic sex you could wish for. This is a compilation of three Matt Sterling loops from the early Seventies released by Falcon as "The Brothers" a decade later. First is "Big, Hot, and Horny," with Jerry Cunningham (mustache) and Bert Edwards who do everything to one another before Bert takes over for a fiery and aggressive fucking of Jerry. Second is "The Brothers," featuring Greg Chasson (with the shorter hair) and Dean Chasson. Both are built to perfection, and watching those muscles in action is a major turn on, as are the two pools of jizz on Dean's belly after Greg's relentless fucking. Third is "The Way You Love." Jim Hughes gets a blowjob from the younger Rick, while prepping him for the other thing two guys can do together. Jim proceeds to literally fuck the cum out of Rick, and from the way they held on to one another at the end, you know it won't be the only time. Thank you for finding this one, and taking the time to share it!
13 June, 2013
Fortunately porn has come a long was in 27 years.
30 May, 2013
Is really a male dog of passion, they like to eat a certain drug to enhance sexual desire, I think the movie's more wild 70-80