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Homo Guys VIntage

Submitted by Asscot Asscot
4 years ago 41 992 83:05

06 October, 2014
10 December, 2013
very nice
18 November, 2013
I am a fan of Scott O' Hara. Here he isn't at his best, but I have seen him once suck his own dick, just by bending over. What a geat sight that was.
24 August, 2013
great post
10 July, 2013
at about 15.37 the blonde kid says "this is my favorite, push it in" fucking hot. i want to lick that big stick when it is done! anyone with a mustache want to seed my hole? i have a customer, must be a white ex con, young very handsome. Has a lot of tattoos and even some on his eyelids- not normally my thing! but he has this fucking hot blonde (not normally looking at blondes also) 70s porn mustache with some really tight wife beaters and rippling muscles. I know he could kick my ass easy. FUCK i want him to come around my desk, rip off my clothes (or tear/cut holes in my clothes and rape me- i can only hope he will someday. i would make a video and post it for others to beat off to...
13 June, 2013
Loved it, every moment! Fantastic Mate ;)
10 February, 1971
Loved when the guy broke in and fucked the guy in the ass! made me shoot a big load