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Buttlover's Adventures part1-4

Duration: 24:04 Views: 3 641 Added: 4 years ago
Categories: Gay

Submitted by Make me cum

Make me cum

29 October, 2013
21 October, 2013
He realy loves black dicks
17 September, 2013
Ditto EVERYthing Titsrfun2 said! I just LOVE buttlover and would sure love to be one of his bottoms!
27 August, 2013
with no condom, he enjoyed soo much
13 August, 2013
Beautiful good looking black guy, big fuck'n cock, fuck'n another hot assed guy ! cum inside too ! boy I wish I were young again an A.I.D.S. curable be gone, a thing of the past !!! anyway hot video ! Thanks
10 August, 2013
This is so nice. I envy the white boy
10 July, 2013
cum in my ass too!!!!!!
20 June, 2013
I've been fascinated by Mr. Buttlover since first seeing some of his videos over on a pay site. There's not much variation to his videos, but the pure animalistic nature of him has me hard and leaking precum in seconds. His videos are some of my favorites. I love the way he is so soft and tender to start, licking that boy pussy, getting it ready to fuck. Then he's so gentle with the first insertion, taking the time to make sure that his partner is comfortable with the size of his bbc. Gently stroking, waiting, even letting his partner set the pace at first by just holding still and letting the other person fuck themselves back and forth on his huge dick. Or just laying there while his FB bounces up and down on his manhood, setting the pace and the depth. Having watched many of his videos, I can tell when he's had enough playing and wants to take over. He gets on top, puts his knees on the outside of the other person's knees and just starts pounding that male ass. When he comes, there is no doubt about what is happening, you just know that the creampie is coming shortly. One of my all time favorites of his is the one where he fills this guy up and then just sits there, rubbing his cock all over the guy's messy ass. The bottom keeps wiggling his butt, inviting Mr. Buttlover back in for seconds. Within a matter of minutes, he's hard again and pounding away on this guy's ass to a second creampie, which we also get to watch. Man, I just can't keep my hands off my dick when I'm watching that video. I keep fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to change places with that lucky bottom and feel that beautiful cock filling my ass. Damn, I'm hard now, just from typing this. If anyone knows where to find more of these Buttlover videos, please let us know.
17 April, 2013
Buttlover is so hot,