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Kirsten & Tracy in Kirsten - FemaleAgent

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2 years ago 6 786 8:00

Kirsten (30 mins). I was enjoying my new job as a female agent and I knew I had a woman lined up for a casting this morning, but I had no idea what she looked like. Then, with a quick knock on the door, she had arrived. She was a pretty girl, I wasn't too keen on her dress sense, but each to their own. We started talking and she said she wanted to do modelling so I asked her to remove her clothes so I could see her figure. When she stripped down to her underwear she revealed that she had a love of tattoos, as she had several big ones all over her body. I like a woman with a bit of body art, but I told her that most of my clients preferred the natural look. I asked her if she was interested in shooting for sadomasochistic erotic websites, where you see a lot of girls with tattoo's, and she said it depended on the pay. I promised her three times more money then she would get for normal photo shoots and she was quick to say yes to the work. I asked if she could shoot with another woman and she said she had never tried, as women did not have dicks and she loved a man with a big cock. I told her that a mans cock could be easily substituted and she seemed embarrassed that she hadn't realized that. I asked her if she would like to try it as I walked over to her and stroked her arm. I could see she was curious about the idea and it wasn't long before I had my plastic cock strapped on, glistening with her juice as it slid into her tight fitting pussy from behind. She was loving it and so was I, so I turned her over and fucked her in the missionary position, gazing deep into her eyes as she had her first ever orgasm with another woman. I was soaking wet by now and I needed some relief and she was more then happy to lick my pussy with tentative probes of her tongue. With some brief instruction she quickly got the hang of it and licked and finger fucked me to an amazing orgasm that left me shuddering with desire. A beautiful casting with a beautiful woman, who'll never forget her first plastic strap on orgasm.

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