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Barra & Silvie in Silvie - FemaleAgent

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Silvie (31 mins). Silvie is a gorgeous girl with a slim body and a great fun personality that almost equally matched the divine taste of her pussy. She had some experience in the industry and was looking for more work. She gave quite an interesting interview with some of her viewpoints on how she would be perceived by others for working in the porn industry, but my mind kept drifting as all I could think of was getting her out of those restricting clothes of hers. She agreed to get naked and as soon as she removed her clothes I heard my assistants jaw hit the floor as he fell instantly in love. He made quite thee pest of himself on this casting now I stop and think about it. She kind of sensed the horny atmosphere in the room and realized she would have to fuck me to get a good profile for work so without further ado I was massaging oil into her pussy lips and introducing her to my favorite toy. My assistant was so sexually wound up he tried helping me as I tasted her lips, he was sliding the vibrator in and out of her and I had to quickly disarm him of my toy and use it myself. She was a very vocal girl and her cries of pleasure as she reached orgasm drove me wild into a sexual frenzy. Now in the preview video above that's all you'll see, but if you want to see the second orgasm I gave her, bent over on all fours on my couch as I licked and fucked her with my toy, well your just going to have to download the full scene. What a tease I can be, get downloading and enjoy this criminally sexy woman and the joy I brought to her with my sexual knowledge.

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