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Peto uses Skinhead .....

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Submitted by Bisexual Cris

Bisexual Cris

10 September, 2013
My biggest fantasy would be to have a man like peto fuck a guy, younger "pussier" type guy, to humiliate him in front of me, even younger version of me... 14/15 virgin, and force him and I to fuck, maybe even dress him as a woman ;) , but not be aloud to cum until he allows it. Kind of like back in the days when the king had a right to fuck a man's bride. ( like in that opera with that figaro song in it ( wedding of figaroa or something like that i forget the exact name.) hell, back then, a king did what ever the fuck he pleased. I always had this fantasy as long as I could remember and Peto wins the roll of king... lol...Too bad he's not bi...:( ... Or is he?
09 August, 2013
Peto knows how to fuck...
Sumaya Sex
Sumaya Sex
02 August, 2013
13 July, 2013
wish i had him
29 June, 2013
Had to CUM back to watch Peto - he is a master fucker and HOT as fuck
03 June, 2013
Fuck is this hot!!!
22 March, 2013
hot pole.. hot ass..
16 October, 1970
peto is so fucking sexy