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Gay sex as an extension of bromance

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Bromance taken to the next level between three heteroflexible roommates. One of them is gay and initiates BJs and group fucking.
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Submitted by Loves to FUCK

Loves to FUCK

14 June, 2013
HOT cock sucking I love to suck a nice juicy cock.
21 May, 2013
This is just my opinion...I feel many straight men are overly concerned with what their friends, family, co-workers might think if they learned that there was some (Private/Public) same-sex 'Quality-Time' going on. The straight men might experience that 'Ah-HA !! Moment', when they finally figure out if they are living their life for others or for them self. This is YOUR LIFE....start living your life, not theirs. ...just saying.
03 April, 2013
Almost like "hanging" with bros who also happen to love cock and man pussy. Gotta find me some Bros like there. Thanks JockStocky for posting this.
Im Yours xxx
Im Yours xxx
17 March, 2013
great vid, thanks
16 March, 2013
ein sehr scharfes ficktrio!
29 December, 2012
fucking hot!!
24 December, 2012
perfect bottom