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Sultry Lesbians Show Their Feelings with Big Toys

Submitted by Karan18 Karan18
2 years ago 12 720 15:46

I wouldn't call Jenna Haze and Ashton Moore mere lesbos. This delicious whore slut pair just love to suck on each other's hooters in between deep kisses shared with lots of moaning. I'd call this pair a super lesbian stuff, with the super power to make you pop an instant boner. Ashton makes the first move for pussy, as she's the more insatable of the pair. She slowly slides her tongue deep into Jenna's snatch, lapping up all of the slot juice and enjoying the flavor. She has more than just her tongue to drive Jenna crazy with, as she pulls out a rather thick rubber cock and goes to work on it. Once Jenna is satisfied, she returns the favor,

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