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Alexa Grace & Derrick Pierce in Tall, Stunning Blonde Alexa Grace Fucked By Trainer - whaletailn

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Tall, beautiful blonde, Alexa Grace makes it to her gym session early and starts bouncing on a fitness ball, totally unaware that her trainer, Derrick is watching her sexy panties sticking out of her ass! After correcting her form, he juts his crotch in her face as she's doing her reps, her head mere centimeters away from his cock! Then, Derrick slips off his sweats and slips his dick in her mouth. Twenty more reps. go! Alexa's mouth gets a real workout sucking his prick. For the next sexercise, Derrick tosses her on the mat and eats out her juicy pink pussy, then pounds her tiny cunny hole in missionary. Watch her drink up his protein shake

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