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Lola & Nicky in Fallen Angels - Lesbea

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Lola and Nicky are classic visions of sexy, natural blonde beauty. This scene is pure, unadulterated eroticism. The physical similarities between the two girls is hot, they could easily pass as sisters! The girls kiss each other passionately, exploring every inch of each others bodies with their hands, eyes and mouths.The petite framed Lola takes Nicky's breasts into her hands, they are slightly larger and fuller than her own pert buds. After much warming up Lola slides off Nicky's panties and opens her legs, her tiny pink pussy is already quivering and seeping with nectar, when Lola carefully parts her small labia and rubs directly on her clit we see the sweet honey literally swell up around her extremely tight vagina hole. This is female arousal in beautiful close-up detail. Once Lola starts to suck on her sex and lightly stretch her entry-hole Nicky can't hold on and she lets a divine orgasm flow though her. Lola is next and again, we do not miss the opportunity to film her genuine wetness as it gathers around her plump, tumescent pussy hole. Lola has a beautiful pussy, her medium sized, slightly brown labia framing her delicious yoni is a work of art as it opens and contracts with every touch on her rosebud. We hope you enjoy this delightful lesbian scene!

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