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fatty teat castigation

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Submitted by Kristina


19 August, 2013
that comment made me crack up. I never thought about the ponytail thing, but you are right lol!
04 August, 2013
95 wasted minutes...
03 August, 2013
nice movie!!
25 July, 2013
OMG, what big titties and enjoyed watching
18 July, 2013
I like the two handed butt slap technique!
Fetishes Fuan
Fetishes Fuan
08 June, 2013
i love the part starting at 58:04 .... quite unusual ...
06 June, 2013
These weird guys who get off on torturing women (they all have pony tails - thats weird for a start!) are like sailing enthusiasts. They spend more time playing with their little ropes and pulleys than they do getting on with the job in hand!
27 April, 2013
i love nipple torture!
11 April, 2013
Slow start, but... I'd love to have a cute, big-tittied chubby sub like her. Her hands would stay tied to something and I'd have a strap around her waist so she couldn't pull away from the stocks. I'd also have a top bar that had cut-out for her titties so that they would be held really tight. A ball gag would be manditory and probably a large plug stuffed up her ass. There was far too much smiling--a properly trained sub would be in tears... All in all, pretty dull and a waste of a perfectly good sub.