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Chisato Shoda in Catching Shoplifting Wife

Duration: 121:18 Views: 353 551 Added: 3 years ago
Mature actress Chisato Shoda feels the emptiness in her relationship with her lawyer husband, but at the same time, worries about his reputation. One day she decides to discharge her stress by shop lifiting in a convenience store. She gets caught but luckily, the store clerk fancies her so they have sex behind the fridge room of the store.

Submitted by Crazy Japanese

Crazy Japanese

12 October, 2015
堕ちた万引き妻 飽欲の淫姦凌辱 翔田千里
07 April, 2015
Thank you for of my favorite JAV mature actress....
If possible more of her videos....please.... Thank you again