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Luzy Miss & Nadia Fernandez & Bryan Da Ferro in Assfucked At The Beach - MMM100

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We have had a bad day, things have been complicated, the actor was late and we needed to start filming ASAP. All out of a sudden, we found a foreigner who was waiting for the train at a train station that is only meant for kids! So he would have been waiting for a lifetime. Anyway, we realized that he was prepared and all ready to be able to be in front of the camera and replace the actor. And wow what a surprise! We noticed that this guy watches porn movies every day! Even before I could realize what was going on, the guy was already doing sexual stuff. He fucked our nice Dulce Chiky in every position and then the late actor appeared. And that was the end of the fun for that poor guy! A very amusing scene with position you won't forget in many many years. Be careful, if you try to do the same things, because it could be dangerous!

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