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Grandma Knows Best

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3 years ago 22 219 6:07
Brianna's parents and stepbrother are out of the house. She finally has her boyfriend alone in her room. She's wanted to sit on his cock for a long time. She even brought a condom. Before she can open the rubber, her grandmother walks into the room. She wanted to stop by to see her. She sees the condom in Brianna's hand. Thank goodness she was able to catch them. Brianna is too young to have sex. She doesn't want her to get pregnant. But if they're going to fool around, she'll teach her granddaughter the best way that won't get her knocked up. She pulls down his pants and tugs on his cock. Brianna takes the opportunity to learn. She watches as her grandmother strokes her boyfriend's cock, making him moan and curl his toes. Grandma must have taught her mom how to do this. Brianna wants to stroke cum out of a throbbing dick just like her grandma. She has a good teacher.
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