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Girls Night Out Video

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3 years ago 20 204 8:00
Yesterday was a really great day shopping with my girlfriends Alia and Tiffany and we ended up on my bed playing "Truth or Dare".  While playing it, Alia and I discovered that Tiffany had a cock, that she was a he, OMG. Well, we both went after her dick and tits. Before we knew what happened, the party became a three-way orgy. Everybody was doing everybody and Tiffany really knew how to use his tongue. I really started to get off watching Alia getting her pussy pounded while she was licking my clit and tits. Then it was my turn to get fucked and Alia used her talented tongue licking my nipples . Next, Tiffany fucked Alia and I sat on her face with her tongue up my tight pussy. Finally, tiffany laid us next to another and unloaded his cum all over our tits. And that is how my best day ever happened!
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